DoP playback of DSD...possible with my Transporter?

…or only with the Touch?

I’ve converted my ISO’s to Dsf files and happily playing them through Roon as PCM as I dont have a DSD capable Dac.
If(when?) I do, can my Transporter play back DoP to the Dac?


Ach…think I can answer my own question here!
Dont think so.
DoP needs 24/176 streaming which the old girl cant do.

Ah well…need to assess if DSD is worth it in reality.
What do you guys think?

I can hear it sounding slightly better and I’ve 200 albums on DSD…

Yes, it is a shame. I have said before and will say it again, I wish there was a newer version of the Transporter that could do up to 24/384 PCM and DSD 64,128 and 256.

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I hear ya.

this is the first thing I’ve ever came across that might be worth changing the Transporter for.

Just have to decide if I jump on the DSD bandwaggon or not.

But to what?
Get the feeling I’d need to spend serious money to get better as a digital transport.

(I’ve tried PC based servers and a lot of streaming devices and I’m still in no rush to drop the TP. Not heard the higher end Linn/Aurender/Naim kit yet mind you…)

I have not heard either of these suggestions but, there is PS Audio DirectStream Dac with the optional Ethernet Bridge. I think that they are working to be RoonReady Certified. If so, that would give you the network functionality of the Transporter as well as the DAC in one box. Also, the exasound Play Point attached to an exasound 22 would give you the functionality and sound; but that ends up being two boxes. The Play Point, is Roon Ready, I think. Both solutions will set you back 5 to 7 K.

The PS Audio kit looks particularly great to me.
Thanks for that will look into it! :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, I have a Modwright Transporter which I love. i do not want to replace it any time soon. However, I am a bit confused about DSD play back. I take it that it will not play DSD (it is not a usb dac). Will it automatically convert a DSD file to another hi-rez format? I did think it played hi-rez. let me know your understanding. Thanks.