Double Bass Array über Roon DSP Funktionen

In einem Beitrag von Günter Nubert

wird eine Lösung für die Reduzierung des Bassdröhnens vorgestellt. Hat hier schon jemand Erfahrungen das Double Bass Array über Roon DSP Funktionen zu lösen.

Über Antworten freue ich mich sehr freuen.
Günter Althoff

In a contribution by Günter Nubert

is presented a solution for the reduction of the bass drone. Does anyone have any experience here to solve the Double Bass Array via Roon DSP functions.

I am very happy about the answers.
Günter Althoff

Almost 4 years later I came up with a solution if you’re still interested :slight_smile:

This a a digital filter which can be used as a convolution file in Roon and mimics a double bass array. It’s a very quick and harmless filter to get rid of the standing waves and dry up & tighten the bass in a room: