Double david wheat

the 2 David Wheat are the same person:

This is something that occupied me for a while too, you can “merge artists” to tidy things up.
The following is an extract from Roon Knowledge Base - Editing

To merge two Artists, Performers, Composers, or Compositions, start by selecting them both. You can start selecting people by right-clicking or long-pressing on one of them.

Once you’ve selected the two people or compositions you want to merge (as pictured above), just click Merge Artists in the top-right.

@mikeb yes I know.
I do actually merge artists.
The merging action in roon is NOT a real merging though. In fact, it redirects one artist (say B) on another one (say A).
When you merge B on A, you loose every info related to B, except links.
In many cases of “doubled” artists A and B have different infos: for example A has bio, B has internet links. Merging is not a solutions. and there’s really nothing you can do on users side.
It’s something that annoys me A LOT, and that i have reported to roon @staff. This situation (@joel?) should be resolved in one of the next releases, i don’t know when: a new metadata scheme that should get rid of doubled artists (coming from different sources, like muricbrainz and rovi)

In the case of David Wheat, actually, i could merge them, as A has less infos than B. it disturbes me that the names are different.
anyway… my idea is that this is a roon metadata problem, i could solve it locally, just for me, but it would be better if roon would solve it once and … for all!

@support no answer…