Doubts regarding Nucleus and Roon

I have only recently joined the Roon universe and I still have some important doubts:

  1. Is it worth having Nucleus with internal SSD?
  2. If I download all my iTunes music to Nucleus, can I use it offline to listen the stored music? (i.e. like a normal hard disk connected by USB with my DAC?
  3. Can I have two different cores (one in Nucleus and one in my MacAir) to use my computer’s core in a second home?
    Thank You
  1. t’s not essential, you can use a USB connected SSD or HDD.
  2. Roon will play local media, so if you download music from Apple Music this can be made available to Roon. However, Roon will need access to your iTunes library.
  3. Yes, you may have two different cores. However, you may only use one at a time and will need to disconnect one before using the other (Settings > General > Disconnect.) It’s best to do this at your primary home if you don’t have Internet access in the other location.

Thank you, Martin.
Going back to my second question: I wasn’t referring to Apple Music but to music bought on iTunes. To make it easier: if I bought music in Qobuz and stored it internally on an HD in Nucleus, would I be able to listen to that music without an Internet connection?

Just clarifying that you mean music files bought through the Qobuz store. If so yes you can play them.
Roon can play offline but it does need to connect occasionally to verify licensing.
It’s supposed to run for about a month without needing a connection but some have found that optimistic. However, if you can connect it to a hotspot on your phone that should do the job.

Perfect. And it will also work with music purchased on iTunes if I download it on Nucleus?

I don’t know about iTunes. I’d wait for someone with knowledge. :slight_smile:

FAQ: What audio file formats does Roon support?

User Guide > Your Library > iTunes

Should iTunes allow you to download files with DRM included, I guess Roon won’t play them.

Thanks for the Link. The problem is not the DDR, I see that the problem will be the codecs to run AAC. You have to be connected to Mac OS X 10.8+

The Nucleus does not require codecs to be installed. It plays AAC fine. If your files have the old FairPlay DRM nothing can play that other than iTunes.