Down-to-earth recommendations to newcomers

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OK. At the bottom of the linked page is also a link to OSX settings.


Many thanks.


Tony, I just read the page carefully. Basically, the drift appears to be to let Roon do the work and to change the defaults only under particular circumstances. The only point of clarity I seek is this. When the Roon refers to “device,” does it mean the MacBook in my case? If so, given that I am dedicating the computer to Roon, why not give it exclusive mode at the getgo, rather than only for MQA or DSD content? I recall that Pure Music recommended handing over everything to it even whilst playing PCM files. Thanks for the help figuring all this out.

(Tony Reimann) #116

Device means the end device so if you have a dac connected to the MacBook it means the dac.

(Chris ) #117

To keep things simple just buy a good Music playback SYSTEM and enjoy the music as is. Done!

This means research and audition for the company as well as the product, then get your wallet out and go with your gut feeling. You’ll know…

To clarify, (or the small print if you like) I am no tinkerer so I found a system philosophy I liked back in the day and that was Meridian. (You’ll have to pick your own) I have never looked back and dont hanker to upgrade on what is now a very old system.
My only recent purchase is Roon and Bluesound Pulses (Notice, they are systems again)
No need to tinker, no specialised Knowledge. Newcomers to audio at my house always pass the ‘Jaw Drop’ test, something I like to see.

In the finish, what I thought was expensive at the beginning has turned out, with the passage of time, to be a very cost effective (Cheap) system which is still as satisfying as the day I set it up.

Just musing on the theme, not following on from anything.

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That’s not simple. My philosophy is, use what you got.

(Chris ) #119

If your starting out I’m assuming you haven’t got much. Of course you can carry on that way, it’s a choice many take. But I’m talking simple, not necessarily the cheapest.
My advice, based on experience is get a good system and it could be cheaper and more satisfying in the long run. You appreciate value long after you have forgotten the price.
If you know what you want, you can get great pre owned bargains (I have) but system synergy is the secret. IMHO

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What is “Bluesound Pulses”?

(Dick Vliek) #121


Aah! I clearly misunderstood. Many thanks.


Good point. Here are my qualifications:

Ah, you were right. Folks do need to take into account what people say and why :slight_smile: No wonder you don’t like my measurements.


I love nitpicking over the smallest of details and spending way to much money on it. Isn’t that what we are audiophiles for? :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note, we do tend to exaggerate quite a bit when it comes to the digital audio subject. To me though, it only emphasizes our passion for audio hobby.

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(Jeremy) #125

More appropriately the difference is down to the quality of components you use.

Many DAC devices are terrible on USB but that doesn’t mean Ethernet is better. It simply means designers and manufacturers have mostly done a poor job at implementing a USB connection for audio purposes.

A good device that has been well designed and well built should sound the same on Toslink, Coax, AES, USB or Ethernet. Bits are bits! If there is no error in the bits (bit perfect) being passed to your DAC then there is really no excuse for less than optimal decoding to analog and therefore an identical sound. The only reason that some digital inputs could sound better than others is due to poor design and poor construction of the DAC. Whether it is LIM (logic induced modulation) or inteface jitter or ground loops etc. - all of these issues can and should be addressed with proper design of the components.

(Jeroen Top) #126

IMHO we have gotten a bit lost from Down-To-Earth advice.
I liked this bit of advice:

  1. Do some research
  2. Get your wallet
  3. Listen
  4. Buy a system
  5. Don’t regret

And the one on the other side as well:

  1. Use what you have got
(Anders Vinberg) #127

Good advice, but not related to Roon.
A general advice column might include, take care of your children, eat vegetables, get plenty of exercise.
Or if we assume the audio context is given, that might lead readers to Sonos, or a trusty 1996 CD player.

I was thinking about advice about how to adopt Roon.

(Jeroen Top) #128

You might have a point there.
My point should have been: Technical talk far above the level of newcomers keeps coming back. Thanks for correcting me. You are right

(Trevor Cameron) #129

Very down to earth approach and observations, well written, at least from a newbie’s view … ta’

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(robert van bekkum) #130

In general most things software are way too complicated and it get worse with time. IMO there should be 2 or 3 versions, starter, intermediate and advanced.

(robert van bekkum) #131

First thing I am very happy with is the volume leveler, this is my first use of such thing. :+1::+1: