Downgrade If I dont Like 1.8

Hi, If I Install roon 1.8 and dont like it, is it possible to downgrade to the 1.7 version ? If not then why not ?


No, Roon only supports the current version of Roon software.

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See here.


Kind of dictatorship? I paid for a year in advance for what I have accepted and then I have to use what they tell me to, or dont use it at all…


Don’t install 1.8 then!


There’s a thing called a licence agreement … people should read it before they spend their money and complain :slight_smile:

Supporting old versions of software is a massively expensive overhead … I personally prefer not to pay for it.


The main point is: for those who do NOT update, is Roon 1.7 still functioning after 1.8 is released?


It probably will for some time. However, Roon relies heavily on the backend services in the cloud that power your local installation, Typically old versions may stop working if they make changes to the Roon API to accommodate new features or improvements. So with an old version of Roon, there’s no telling when it will stop working…

This is in line with many software subscriptions. Once you update, you can’t go back. Roon is definitely not alone in that.

Would you say that if you pay a year for tidal, you can downgrade the tidal app to any previous version releases during that year?

Can be said for Microsoft Office 365 and many other apps.


It’s all in the terms and conditions of Roon, if you cared to read it before subscribing. There are some updates that are skippable such as minor bug fixes, however larger ones with big infrastructure changes are not and are considered mandatory.

Yet such updates are normally NOT required for the software to continue working if the update is not applied - this is my question above.


You’re not required to upgrade. It’ll likely work for quite some time. But as previously mentioned, older versions are not supported, and at some point, it will stop working.

Go ahead and contact support of Tidal, Microsoft 365, … when you have an issue. First thing they’ll tell you is to update to the latest version. See what happens if you refuse :wink:


You cannot bypass the update forever it will download automatically and install if it’s closed and relaunched.

You can disable automatic updates.

Not for mandatory ones it will constantly nag with the update box which will not go away…you click on it it downloads and will install on next restart.

It will keep asking you to update yes. You can keep refusing until it stops working :wink:

The big question is, why are you already thinking about not liking it? Wait and see, you might love it…
Should you not love it, you will have to consider other software options, since the old version will stop being supported - as is in all software products I personally know. This is a totally normal process and also quite understandable. It would be impossible for a company of Roons size to support different versions, when problems arise - plus there is the cloud - it will only really work if all have the same versions. At home I use Homekit from Apple to control my smarthome - all devices must be on the same / newest software version - otherwise it does not work reliablly.

So wait and see. I am sure there will be stuff you will love and hate - so you are probably in the same boat as many of us.

No, not at all. Dictatorships are political systems of oppression that remove people’s right and freedoms and often result in large numbers of state sanctioned murders.

This is a privately owned software provider updating its interface!!!


Is that troll i can smell…


What I notice more and more often in this community is a heightened sense of entitlement combined with Dunning-Krugeresque knowledge regarding software development and everything that comes with running a niche product company at a profit… a clash of generations :slight_smile: