Download music with Arc

How to download music with Arc setup and working on my IOS device?

You can only download albums that are stored locally in your Roon library. You cannot download albums from Qobuz or Tidal and store it in your phone.

In the Album browser, for local albums, you will see the Download icon at the top right:

This icon will not be present for streamed albums.

Thanks but in the first place , how do I store locally let’s say a playlist in my Roon library?

Go to playlists, click the three dots next to the one you want and select download

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but what if the download option isn’t available? under my three dots, the option to download is not is not included…?

Is it a local or streaming file?

Hi @William_Jackson,

I don’t have an immediate answer for you, but I do have a couple of questions that may help to clarify what’s happening here.

  • On your Roon Core system, have you imported any audio files (FLAC, ALAC, etc.) or are you only streaming music from say Tidal or Qobuz?

  • Does what your are selecting contain local audio files?

May I suggest you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing, that would also help.

it must be the Tidal problem, they are associated in my set-up
so how do i get around that?

If the tracks are from Tidal (or Qobuz), you can’t download, (unfortunately their licencing agreements do not allow it for 3rd party applications) see this linked post from above.

thank you… i get that, but when i want to download from roon, the option to download is not available as the associated help FAQ reports - there is no download option

Tidal is tidal. You cannot download tidal tracks in Roon arc.

What are you trying to download?

If you are trying to download a Playlist, then the same rules apply as for tracks and albums: only tracks that you have as ripped or downloaded files in a watched folder in your Roon library will be downloaded.

And if your Playlist contains only Qobuz or Tidal tracks, then you won’t even get the Download option showing up in the 3 dots menu.

So, here’s a Playlist with a mixture of local and streamed tracks - the Download option is present:

But when I choose the Download option, I cannot download 8 of the 35 files, because they are streamed from Qobuz:

And when I choose a Playlist that has only Qobuz tracks in it, I don’t get the Download menu option at all…

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okay - got’cha - thank you!

Will this ever be possible?
Who knows?

Edit: Think I found the answer. Still ought to be possible to challenge the restrictions.

Why can’t I download music from TIDAL and Qobuz in Roon ARC?

Fund also this text:

The removal of content from streaming services is a trend that can occur within the industry, but it’s important to note that it varies depending on several factors. Here are a few key points to consider:

  1. Licensing Agreements: Streaming services often acquire content through licensing agreements with studios, production companies, and content creators. These agreements can have specific time limits, which means that content may be available for a limited period. When the licensing agreement expires, the streaming service may choose not to renew it, resulting in the removal of that content from its platform. This is a common reason for content removal.

  2. Content Rotations: Streaming services frequently update their catalogs to provide fresh and diverse content to their subscribers. They may add new titles while removing older ones to maintain a balanced library. Content rotations are often driven by the need to manage licensing costs, audience preferences, and contractual obligations.

  3. Platform Originals: Streaming services invest heavily in creating their own original content to attract and retain subscribers. With a focus on exclusive programming, these platforms may prioritize promoting their original shows and movies over licensed content. As a result, non-original content may be phased out or reduced on the platform.

  4. Regional Variations: Streaming services often have regional or country-specific catalogs due to licensing restrictions and variations in content availability. Some content may be limited to specific geographic regions, leading to disparities in content offerings across different countries.

  5. Content Licensing Challenges: The rights to stream certain content can be complex and involve multiple parties. Legal, financial, or rights-related challenges can arise during negotiations, leading to the removal or temporary suspension of content until these issues are resolved.

While the removal of content from streaming services does occur, it is not necessarily an industry-wide trend affecting all services equally. Each streaming platform has its own content acquisition and curation strategies, which can influence its approach to content removal. Additionally, factors such as viewer demand, licensing costs, and competition within the industry also play a role in shaping the content available on streaming platforms.

And another link

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And more reading for very special interested people.

And when reading this, it’s obvious Roon must have some contractual agreements with labels or artists already, and hence it may be possible for Roon to integrate downloads to portable devices through Arc only.

So I’m not sure I’m buying Roon explanation why Roon can’t download on same terms given to Tidal an Qobuz.

That is an assumption on your part, and may not necessarily be a fact. There are certainly contractual agreements with the streaming services and metadata providers.

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How is it obvious?
Roon has agreements with metadata providers and the streaming services all acting as wholesalers to Roon and to whom Roon reports it’s user usage stats as has previously been reported by Roon.
They don’t need any direct contracts beyond the middle man layer.

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