Download speed question

My network is pretty good, ASUS GT-AC5300 8 port 3 band router and a 8 port switch for Etherent. Don’t have any issues with the Network or Roon, always available. Just the issue with the Laptop download speed. Download speed is good on every other machines in the house. Everything is wired except for the IOS and android remotes. Wireless covers the whole house and reaches out to the front door of my metal shop about 60’ from the house. Thanks.

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Your Internet bandwidth is superb.

Of course the problem could be at the NativDSD end rather than at your end. Try downloading an album from an alternative site (for example Qobuz or HDTracks to check if this might be the case.

good point. There are times I’m downloading from Neil Young’s online store, and it grinds to a halt, even though everything else at my end is fine. However, I think you said, you tried on both desktop and laptop at about the same time, and only the laptop is super slow.

What’s your download speed if you switch to wireless rather than wired? Is it any better?

6 ms ping is hardly “the Internet”. Don’t use your providers speed test as its set-up to give better than average results. Use an independent site and pick a test location across the country.

I’m sure it will still test fine but I wanted to point out how these sorts of tests can be misleading. Other suggestions on tuning Windows or just general laptop performance being the bottleneck are good. It sounds like the laptop isn’t keeping up and keeps throttling back until you get to modem speeds. What’s CPU and network graphs look like when you’re downloading?

Thanks again for all the replies. Nothing found so far. I will use another laptop or desktop for the downloads since they are available.

Finally found the reason for the download speed problems. Took the laptop to Best Buy Geek Squad to have it checked out. A virus was discovered/removed and all is well. The virus was not detected by my security software.

Surely viruses can also change the performance of a device, but before all Roon customers bring their devices for repair now, further background to the problem situation should be clarified.

Can you find out the exact name and tell if the whole system was rebuilt or only repaired with one program?

The name of the programs that were able to detect and repair this virus would always be a good help for similar problem cases later on as well. Thank you Uwe for further answers.

Hey Uwe. I was looking for assistance when this post was opened. Most of the information was listed in the first entry above.

The only thing I noticed in the beginning was ROON remote updates taking a long time to download, seems like around 15 minutes instead of a few seconds, and downloading music purchases took hours instead of minutes. Everything else was working very well, as far as I could tell.

Then I started having issues with MS Office 360, Outlook, not opening. I would get a notice that an Office update was in progress then the update would fail. None of the MS Office apps would open until the next time a Windows update was installed. So no Outlook email for days at a time. After the next Windows update MS Office 360 apps would work fine until the same issue reoccurred. I got around the email problem by starting Outlook in Safe mode (pressing the CTRL key while clicking the Icon). That worked for a while then one day that action quit working.

I had purchased the MSI Laptop from Best Buy so I took it back to them to have it checked out. They initially said the OS appeared to have some corruption. The initial plan was to wipe the machine and reinstall the OS. The list of what the service technician discovered included: MRI scan - one malicious event found/removed, 1612 temp files found/removed and 11 group policies found/removed. The name of the virus was not listed. Not sure what all they did but I know they did not wipe the machine and start over. I wanted to get out of that crowded masked environment so I didn’t ask a lot of questions.

Don’t know how the virus got past the security software but it did. The techs suggested it probably got in from clicking on a link from email or whatever. The techs installed Webroot as part of their service. So now Webroot and Norton 360 are both working with Norton the primary. Will see what happens but for now its a new machine again with everything working as it should.

Hi Mike,

MRT (Malware Removing Tool) is a component of the free Microsoft Security Essentials. An important part of Windows 10 and many websites now recommend taking only the original against viruses. So there are also fewer problems with updates and Microsoft probably also prefers to protect its Office programs themselves.

Norton and others are rather problem areas that additionally hinder, slow down the system and then also do not detect significantly more viruses. However, the test results differ depending on who commissions them. I have currently found this:

Of the 21 products tested, only these seven candidates scored full marks (best of list in leading german pc-magazin)

AhnLab V3 Internet Security 9.0
Avast Free AntiVirus 21.4
AVG Internet Security 21.4
Kaspersky Internet Security 21.3
Microsoft Windows Defender 4.18
Northguard Security 20.0
NortonLifeLock Norton Security 22.21

Here, then, it was obvious that you were sold virus scanners that could detect less than if only the free offer in Windows 10 had been made active right away.