Download speed question

Need advice on what to look for to correct extremely poor download speeds on my laptop.

The last couple of Roon Remote updates on my windows 10 laptop have taken about 10 minutes for the download and install. This is something fairly recent as it use to be a few seconds. The same activity on my windows 7 Desktop with the same internet connection takes less than 10 seconds.

Also started downloading music files from NativeDS . It took 7 hours for the laptop to download one album with a speed around 600 kbs. My desktop using the same ethernet connection took maybe an hour to downloaded one album of the same size, at 2 to 3 MBs.

The laptop is several times more powerful than the desktop and everything else works fine, only the download speed has issue.

Anyone have an idea of what I could look for to correct this issue? Makes no since at all to me.

what is your broadband speed and type and how is your laptop connecting to the router?

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I have 1GB service and here are the speed test results.

The laptop and desktop are using the same ethernet/network setup but the desktop does not have the issue.

But is the laptop connected via WIFI and the desktop via ethernet? Even your desktop download speed sounds slow. I have only about 50 to 60 Mbps download speed, and I can download a complete album of 24/192 files in about 6 minutes or less.

Was that speed test run on your desktop computer? If so, what results do you get with the laptop?

No, both are in the same room side by side using ethernet but different ports on the switch.

speedtest is a bit dodgy but 800 Mbps down and 6ms latency is fantastically good.

try switching the ports and cables, just in case one port or one cable is bad.

Those test results were from the laptop just before the post.

hmmm, I wonder if there is some sort of disk problem on the laptop. not download speed problem but writing the file to the disk problem? Is there a way to test that? Not sure.

Also from both laptops run this command from cmd or powershell

Ping -t {IP address of your router}

and see if you get any different timeouts or response times between the two

Have you tried disabling any firewall, VPN, and/or virus checking software? Looking at the speedtest results it seems like your raw download speed is fine, so it’s something else that’s causing the problem.

I give that a try.

Both machines are running the same Norton 360 security system. I can try that but worried about downloading something without security in place.

Thanks for all the replies.

just disable virus software temporarily as a test.

unlikely to be antivirus, speedtest opens multiple connections and then downloads a 100MB file in chunks to your temp folder and works out the speed from that. AV would slow that down as well.

More likely to be a windows setting on the PC

Have you checked that things like proxy are not set to autodetect etc?

Try the changes detailed in the answer here:

No I haven’t really checked anything because I’m not very knowledgeable on Network related issues and didn’t know what to look for. I’ll checkout the link you sent. Thanks.

Norton is useful, but it’s a resource hog. Something like webroot runs a lighter footprint.

What is your router setup? If you want to go all in, look at going to mesh wifi. I have an eero setup and my network runs very well.