Downloading old purchased items from Apple are now HLS format

Has anyone tried to download old purchased items from Apple. They download as HLS files which means they can only now be played through Apple Music, Roon cant even read them [unless I’m stupid, probably !!!]. I also looked to see what happens with new purchases and same again you cannot play anything purchased on anything but Apple Music. So no Apple Music for me. Might go back to CD’s

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That is strange. HLS is a streaming format, I haven’t heard of it being used for a file.

Yes very odd indeed but these are the downloads files

And this is what Goodsync tries to send to my SSD drive in my Nucleus +. Different album I know but gives everyone an idea

Then this from iTunes Match

Hmm. Movie package file format. Definitely HLS looking; it will need to be converted I fear, but a quick google hasn’t shown how to do it.

Change your download settings in Apple Music to disallow Atmos and/or high-res. Then you will get .M4P for tracks from the Apple Library and .M4A for files that you uploaded/matched.

Unfortunately, I just tried this and it still downloads the file in HLS format. I think (as has been said elsewhere) if you download an album after the changes that Apple put in place, the only files you can re-download are HLS only.

Are these tracks you purchased from Apple or are they tracks you ‘matched’ with Apple (i.e. matched or uploaded from your ripped collection)? I was really speaking to the latter option in my response.

Hi - I purchased with Apple directly, but I see your point. Thanks!

Sorry for break in comms the Albums I downloaded were purchased. Seems Apple have no real interest in selling Hi-Res Audio just a box ticking exercise for them so I’ll dump it and stick with Qobuz.