Downloading server version from website

How do we download the updated version of roonserver? theres still no link on the download page.

We’re going to be updating our Downloads page soon – for now, just grab the version linked here.

Regardless of what platform your Core is running on, you should be notified in Roon Remote that an update is available, and you can confirm that you’re fully updated on the About page of Settings.

so if i click update on roon remote on my galaxy tab the server version will auto update?

Thanks Mike, that is very helpful information. Was wondering how i would be able to update to the new build when i got home.

You can click View Details in the popup notification, which will take you to the About page.

You should be able to see all of the available updates there and accept them, although the automatic updates only happen this way for OSX and Windows – Android and iOS updates have to go via their respective “stores”.

Thank you, this is the first update i have to do so thats helpful.

also means i dont have to drag a monitor out to my headless build!