DragonFly Cobalt Working Funny

Hi all, I have a Rock Core running on a NUC and I have a DragonFly Cobalt on my MacBook Pro which I also use as a remote.

To my knowledge, DragonFly Cobalt only has MQA render capabilities and this is how I settled it up but when I look into the Signal Path it shows as “Enhanced” and turns the purple light on.
If I set it up as a full MQA device on the other hand, when I look at the signal path it shows as “Loose less” but the purple light doesn’t turns on (as expected)

Could it be the case that since the MQA decoding happens at the core and then is sent to the MBP the signal is being “compromised”?

Thanks in advance!

I believe the settings for this device should be: Roon MQA core decode ON & Audioquest set to renderer only.

This means Roon will do the first unfold since your’re not using Tidal and then the Cobalt will do the second one.

Thanks! I’m still dipping my toes in the streaming world, but it made me curious why allowing the signal path to process MQA is “worst” than just sending all the signal to the DAC without any previouse MQA processing…

Also, enhanced does not mean it’s now lossy. If you apply any DSP in Roon, the signal will be enhanced. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

No worries, ask any questions and enjoy Roon :slight_smile:

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