Dragonfly Red, MQA and color readout

I have my DFR connected to my Win10 PC running Roon and am using exclusive mode, device controls volume, and no signal processing. On TIDAL albums in MQA, I get some in purple and some in green on the DFR. What gives? I thought all MQA-encoded songs with the correct DFR settings should be in purple. By the way, I updated the DFR to the current firmware (1.07) but apparently that addresses an Android volume issue.

There is MQA Studio and MQA. The colours differentiate. On the Meridian Explorer 2 the MQA Studio is Blue.

More here. http://bobtalks.co.uk/blog/mqa-philosophy/mqa-authentication-and-quality/

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DragonFly is a MQA renderer instead of a MQA full decoder. It needs a MQA core decoder for MQA to be decoded. Roon does not yet provide MQA core decoding right now (unlike Tidal desktop app), but will do in a future update. So you need to wait.

DragonFly color code is here:

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Thanks @wklie. I had simply forgotten that I need to go through the TIDAL desktop app in order to get the full MQA effect. Thanks for the reminder!