"Dreamers" artist page gas numerous wrong albums listed

Dreamers are an indie rock band and they have two main albums and a bunch of singles and EPs. The Main Albums “This Album Does Not Exist” and “Launch Fly Land” that are in my library are correct as you see in the screen shot (my banner image):

As you scroll down into the Qobuz Main Albums, a bunch of albums are listed there that do not belong there and need to be removed please. The “Singles and EPs” section looks fine

If I select to see all the the main Qobuz albums, there is another full row of incorrect albums

The next screen shot shows the singles and EPs which seem to be mostly correct, but then there is the “with various artists” section that I haven’t even checked, but I don’t think “Pure latin vibes” is really their music style.

Can you fix all of this please, thank you so much!