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Will you support bit perfect drivers on Win like WASAPI and ASIO?



Yes. We achieve bit-perfect playback using CoreAudio (Mac) and WASAPI (Windows).

This will appeal to the audiophile community

No ASIO support planned?

It’s not in the roadmap, but we’re open to feedback. Can you describe some situations where WASAPI doesn’t meet your needs?

Ok - it is probably an exotic use case.
I’m using a room correction and convolver software which only supports ASIO drivers.

I am running an ifi Micro DSD USB DAC which uses an ASIO driver. Not that exotic. Works fine with JRiver. I would like to use Roon but if I can’t play through this DAC it is a no go.

Hey @DaQl, your manfuacturer supports WASAPI and seems to recommend it treat it as an equivalent alternative to ASIO.

For software players that support ASIO and/or WASAPI interfaces, we recommend using those interfaces for the best sound. Please refer to each individual player’s instructions for details.

Found that here

Figured out the problem and why Roon wasn’t seeing the ifi DAC. I had it disabled in the Windows Sounds devices dialog in the control panel for some reason. Once I enabled it there it appeared as an option in Roon and is working fine now.

Thanks for the response on this.

I have an Exasound DAC, and it requires ASIO. I would really love it if Roon would consider supporting ASIO.

I also own a exaSound DAC and use their ASIO driver. It most definitely sounds better then CoreAudio.

Roon should have support for users of ASIO. I do not see how support for ASIO is a problem for Room to add. Almost every other server I can think of has support for ASIO.

Also there are many HIGHEND DAC’s that use ASIO drivers.

For the time being I’ll use VB Audio Asio bridge as a workaround.
Works pretty well …

I use Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier with Prime Power Supply, Qudioquest Diamond USB Cables and Hifiman HE-560 Headphones. I use Windows and JRiver. WASAPI sounds very good but the music quality with Meridian ASIO is in another League. Just try.

build 21 – ASIO – it’s out now!

This is outstanding and it is working well with my MSB Tech Analog DAC with Quad USB that supports native DSD playback.

You guys are really great!

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Yes indeed MSB Analog DAC is playing back DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 via ASIO and Native. Great job!

Great :slight_smile: !

Hello, one of my DAC is Fostex HP-A8C, the WDM work fine but ASIO not working, no sound for PCM.

Can WASAPI driver play DoP? if not using ASIO is only way to play DSD without PCM conversion.

Hi @Cheung_Hon_Wah,

WASAPI will play DoP, I use it every day.

It’s works after switch to exclusive mode, Thank you!