Dropbox as library

I have my Dropbox account linked to Roon, but I’m not sure what this linking achieves. Is it possible to use Dropbox as a library (not my local Dropbox folder)? If so how is it done? If it is possible it would be very useful for Roon mobile if it ever happens.

Dropbox may be used to backup your Roon database. See Roon KB: Backup.

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My Roon backups go there anyway by pointing it to my local Dropbox folder. It will do that without linking the account. Just wondered if there was away of pointing Roon to my music folder in the"cloud".

If you go to Settings > Backups > Add Scheduled Backup > Browse, you’ll see Dropbox in the folder browser. Very useful if you have a headless Roon core and/ or Dropbox isn’t installed on the machine.

Dropbox can’t be used the way you suggest; you have to play from a local folder.

@Martin_Webster That’s what I thought, but asked the question in case I was missing something. I have Dropbox installed on my core machine so all backups go to the local folder and then off into the ether.
It’s a shame that this is not a feature, having a usable indestructible library in the cloud would be very useful.

I see no reason why you couldn’t save your library to a local Dropbox folder which would replicate to the cloud and your other devices. But you really should be backing up both your Roon database and your music library … Dropbox isn’t a backup solution and shouldn’t be used as one.

I have all my music backed up 5 times on different drives, one of which is Dropbox ( call me paranoid ) and Roon backups go to Dropbox and a separate external drive, so I think I’m well covered. I only wanted to know whether it was possible to access music files stored on the cloud from Roon and as that seems to be not the case I now know.

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