Dropout + Slow Loading

Hi there…

I’m running a Roon Nucleus + QNAP NAS through four grouped zones: a hard wired Nagra system, two sets of hard wired Bel Canto streamers and lastly, three pairs of WiFi driven RAAT compatible Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i’s in my remote zones. I am consistently getting dropout and occasional disrupted play with slow loading messages. We rely on dish-based Internet with modest and occasionally inconsistent (and COVID diminished) speeds so I have disabled my Quobuz and Tidal, but this doesn’t seem to help. I ran Sonos WiFi in my remote zones on the Sonos platform without issue but I wanted the RAAT compatibility and it seems that the problem may be related to these new speakers but I am uncertain.

And brilliant insight as to what might be causing these interruptions and how to resolve the issue would be appreciated.



Sounds like a network issue. The Sonos systems have their own mesh wireless built in so that is why they may work by themselves but not with Roon.