Dropouts with Roon


I started a topic in Roon support on this but I wonder whether other Sonic Transporter/Microrendu users have had the same issue so I am repeating it here (hoping not to incur in the moderators’ wrath…)


I set up Roon for the first time yesterday with a Sonic Transporter as Roon core accessing the library on a Synology NAS, and a Sonore Microrendu as endpoint feeding a Chord Hugo TT DAC. I am controlling Roon from a Mac connected to the network.

I get short dropouts (one second long or thereabouts) every few minutes. It seems Roon loses contact with the endpoint. Occasionally when sound comes back there is distortion and noise for a few seconds. Rarely in these occurrences, when the noise stops Roon skips to the next track. When normal play resumes everything seems fine (sound quality is excellent). In certain moments, the dropouts/noise occur more frequently (less than a minute between occurrences)

In one occurrence, Roon lost contact with the library and couldn’t find it again. After restarting Roon on the Mac and on the Roon server and restarting the router, it reconnected.

The Sonic Transporter, NAS, and Microrendu are connected via Ethernet through a Cisco switch (1,5 meter cat 7 cables). The switch is connected to the router via a cat5 cable (3 meters or so). No wifi.

The NAS is set up for SMB3. AFP is turned off. The NAS was mounted in Roon.
I also had a dropout at every track change with a different sampling frequency, but increasing the rate switching delay seems to have fixed that.

The library has 67000 tracks and I noticed at one point that the Background Audio Analysis was stuck. Changing the speed to Fast restarted it but the process is quite slow (as I write this it is analyzing 447 with 66000 to go). Could this be the issue? I read somewhere of a bug related to this in the latest Linux build (V1.2 build 142, which I am using). It seems once the analysis is complete the problem goes away. Is this correct, and if so, is there a way to speed up the process?

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated. The situation is fairly intolerable…


Let’s discuss it in one place - Repeated dropouts :slight_smile: