DS Jr IR remote transport controls?

I have next and previous track working without issue, but play/pause doesn’t appear to do anything when listening via Bridge II, should it or is it known to not work?

Running Redcloud and current Bridge II firmware (as of Feb 9, 2018)


Hey Larry – sorry for the slow response here. We’re going to reach out to PS Audio, and we’ll let you know if we can make some progress on this.

Thanks for the report!


No worries. I liked the DSJ so much, I returned it for the DS Sr. Sr. does not have the same issue as the DSJ. Play/Pause works as expected.

I have a DS Jr and would LOVE play/pause functionality, via Bridge II, on their remote! It saves opening the app in the iPad if I need to step away for a moment. Forward / backward works - not sure why play / pause could not too?