DSD 512 + Chord DAVE

Has anyone been able to export music into DSD 512 into a Chord DAVE? I’m using a 6 core Mac Pro cylinder and I can easily get DSD 256 at 3.8 or 3.9 processing speed, but I don’t even have an option available for DSD 512 in the DSP menu.

Anyone have any tips?

Well, native drivers for DAVE that allow DSD512 only exist for Windows as far as I know.

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Pretty sure @Rugby is correct. If you had a Windows network endpoint (say, a NUC with the requisite drivers running Roon Bridge) and used the Mac Pro (running Roon or Roon Server) to do the upsampling, that should work.

FWIW, I’ve read that because of the way the Chord DACs are designed, they sound better if you upsample to the highest PCM rate the DAC will accept (768 kHz for the Dave) and feed that to the DAC. (I’d love to give you a link, but I believe this info is buried somewhere in the very long HQPlayer thread on Computer Audiophile.)

Yep, it would make sense that DAVE works great on high rate PCM. It doesn’t get talked about a lot and kind of overshadowed by DSD512; but upsampling to 768 Khz can sound very very nice.

Thanks everyone–DSD256 sounds better to my ear than 768 kHz, so I’ll keep it here until they figure out how to do DSD 512.

Any luck to find a way to play 512DSD with Roon and Nuc?
Im using Mscaler at the moment and nuc connected to Mscaler than Dave.
I get max 706khz DoP i guess or 256 DSD.
I cant select more than this on Roon as Mscaler is max 256DSD OR 768khz DoP.
It looks to me that only way to play 512DSD and higher is replacing Dac.
Hope you find better solution.

No luck required. It’s mentioned in your manual that you need to use the Chord ASIO driver to get DSD512 to it.

So for DSD512 it’s limited to Win10.

See the bottom line here, taken from the manual.

Do you have any Win10 PC in the house? You can use your NUC running ROCK for your Roon Core and a separate PC running Win10 with Roon Bridge (with the Chord ASIO driver installed obviously).

That should work but that’s a 2 box solution.

I had the same issue and then learned that only Windows/Asio drivers could stream DSD 512 using USB. All non-windows, including Linux, are unable to pass DSD 512 using USB. So it is not Dave not playing, but you are unable to send native DSD 512 to Dave except if you use Windows/Asio drivers.

If anybody finds a solution, it would be great.

If your Roon Core is on ROCK or other Linux distro, the solution is one post above…

Hi where I can download Chord Asio driver,cant see it on Chord support page.?

It’s in the Downloads section on Dave page:

The .zip driver file there

This installs both WDM and ASIO driver but from memory you can choose

Hi Dabass… thank you will install and play.
Wonder if any network transport connected to Dave make perfect couple to play 512DSD.
Probably not cause its mostly linux or so based units.
If I find any solution in the future will post here on forum definatelly.
Thanks for help and share.

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I mean a solution to stream native DSD 512 on Linux. I already use ASIO to do DSD 512 on windows with Dave.