DSD Albums for purchase

Anybody knows where to purchase DSD albums?

I am in US

I currently stream Tidal HiFi tier, and my own library of CDs ripped in ALAC, but never tried DSD format. I am very curious.

http://store.acousticsounds.com/ Has probably the most.
There are some on HDTracks and ProStudioMasters.
There are some DSD boutique stores as well, Sound Liaison, 2L.

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NativeDSD.com - over 1,100 albums.


I use the search engine findhdmusic.com


NativeDSD.com or LSO Live (these last 8-10 years)
(almost) everything else is either remastered (no one will tell you how) from analog or up/downsampled from pcm (and you do not want these, if you’re after what DSD can sound like :wink: )

This is really an awesome search engine! Thanks!

You can download a few free sample tracks from 2L incl different formats of the same track. Useful in ascertaining whether you should bother with DSD or other HR formats.


Great selection and a reasonable free section too.

NativeDSD.com is by far the best source of DSD albums and one of the best online music stores. They are very friendly and you can be absolutely sure that what they have is true DSD. I suggest you check the best seller section and you’ll find some amazing albums like Bill Evans - Some Other Time (The Lost Session from the Black Forest) , Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 and No. 7 and Sibelius Piano Trio vol. I and II among many more.