DSD and 192k Streaming to MacMini

I try to stream from the main roon engine (MacPro running Windows 10) via Ethernet to a MacMini that sends the signal to an ADI Pro A/D converter.
On the MiniMac the Airserver software is installed.
When I stream Hires Music (192k) everything is downsampled to 44,1 16Bit. Is there a possibility to get the 192 K and also DSD (overPCM) through to the ADI changing the settings or the protocol?
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If Airserver uses the Airplay protocol, I believe that is limited to 44.1k, hence the downsampling.

So which other option would I have besides Air Server?

If the Roon core is running on the MacPro, then you could run a Roon control or Roon Bridge on the Mac Mini

Just install the Roon Bridge software on the MacMini.
You can throughput up to DSD256 over USB or 24/192 on the MiniTOSLink.

Thanks for this proposals, which I will try immediately. Just to be clear: I use the MacPro for the roon engine as well as control. The Macmini is without screen and keyboard and just playing music controlled by the MacPro.
Will I find the MacMini on the AudioZones of the MacPro if I install the Roon Bridge?

One word: yes.

yes … https://kb.roonlabs.com/RoonBridge

Now I have
erased roon and switched off Airserver on the MacMini
installed roonbridge on the Mac Mini and put it into Autostart
restarted the MacMini with these settings
restarted roon on the MacPro

Roon does not find an audioZone besides system output in the network now!

addition: If I klick on the Roonbridge symbol on the Macmini, the state switches between Roonbridge enabled and not enabled within a few seconds…

How is the adi dac connected to the mini? It must be on and connected to be seen by the core

Adi is connected via USB, no problem with visibility on the MacMini there.
Roonbridge switches bitween running and not running every 5 seconds…

One more problem: the roon software that I threw into the trash cannot be erased (“roon is in use”)

You can’t trash an app that’s running. Suggest you force quit it then trash it. Roon Bridge runs as a background task and only presents a small icon in the menu bar where you can right click on it to have it set to start at login each time you restart the Mac.

I had “normal” Roon installed on the MacMini before the problems turned up, than tried to erase it. This was not possible, it stays in the trash bin although it is NOT running and I quit it. Even tried Trash it!, but no chance to erase it.
Now Roon server is running on the MacMini, but it does not play to the MacMini, but is visible from the PowerMac with WIndows. I also installed Roon bridge on the MacMini, where is switches between: Running and Not running every 5 seconds.

So what to do?