DSD-Conversion to PCM

If “Convert to PCM” is set for rendering DSD files, Roon always converts to PCM 352,8.
Is there a way to have Roon converting to 192 kHz?
Reason: my Clocking device accepts PCM only up to 192 kHz (over S/P-DIF).
So it would be helpful to set the DSD-conversion to PCM192.

Have you tried setting the max sample rate in Roon to 192 kHz for that audio device?

thanks for your answer. How could I adjust the sample rate of my audio devices? I do not see any adjustment in the settings.

Check “Advanced Settings” section here:

Thanks a lot for your friendly help. I did not realize that the advanced options were available at the bottom. Now it works. Thanks again

Enjoy your music! :slight_smile:

I suggest 176.4kHz instead.

DSD 2822400 Hz / 192000 Hz = 14.7

DSD 2822400 Hz / 176400 Hz = 16

From an SQ perspective, the rate ratio is not relevant.