DSD: DoP (pre-release)

Hi - supporting DSD in DoP format will be key to success. I read an earlier post by Danny suggesting that DoP would be supported - can you please confirm this as there are many DACs out there that will only accept DSD in DoP format (eg Hugo)

Yes, DoP will be in our first round of DSD support. I’m dying for it, too. It’s in the works.

Another teaser…for those interested in playing DSD to non-AirPlay endpoints …

The most important shot:

This is the incredibly nice PS Audio DirectStream DAC–first DAC to ever receive DSD from Roon!


@brian Testing a PS Audio Directstream tomorrow along with Meridian MS200, MS600 and 818v2 :smiley:


Very nice…I have 300+ DSD Albums waiting for this feature :smile:


Will Roon be supporting straight DSD as well as DoP? The examples above all use DoP.


We will, but not for round 1. This is just a consequence of how we structured the development of these features.

DSD-Native support depends on ASIO driver support, which is a separate piece of work.

DoP works fine on top of the existing driver frameworks that we support, hence why it was implemented first.

When we add support for ASIO, DSD-Native support will come with it.

You’re seeing teasers for DSD because the release with the first round of DSD support is about to go into alpha testing. ASIO + DSD-Native support will be part of a later release.

Thanks for the prompt reply. That really is the last feature to make this a no brainer for me. I’ll keep an eye out for updates.

You might be interested in this. It’s almost here.

That’s great news!