DSD downsampling in Roon vs offline conversion to hires Flac?

Running Roon into my Transporter here and very happy I am too.

Have a lot of SACD rips which I have previously converted to 24/88 Flac.
As Roon can play DSF files natively, I’m wondering on any sound quality difference between on the fly downsampling vs pre-converted Flac?

An old question, sure, but I’m curious!
No issue of course with Roon as you need a hefty PC to run RoonServer, so no CPU latency/process issues as there can be running different server software on , say, a NAS or a Rasb. Pi for example.

Having a listen to a few tracks in both formats, seeing which sounds better to my through the Transporter.
A maximum of 24/88 for downsampled DSD of course, I reckon this is all you need really.

Anyone else care to try a few comparisons? :slight_smile:

be interesting to compare.

Question for the Roon guys…
When Roon does the conversion from DSF, does it keep it 24 bit, or does it go down to 16 bit?


My DAC doesn’t do DSD so I have converted the DSD albums I’ve purchased, (looking at Alan Parsons), to PCM. I"ve used Roon to play both the preconverted files and to convert on the fly and, I think I prefer Roon’s on the fly conversion.

Neither does my Dac.
When I ran LMS I used the DSD playback plugin which let me play them to my Transporter, but was never sure of the quality which is why I converted them to 24/88 Flac.

Had a play today with Roon and compared native DSF playback to pre-converted Flac.
A mix of the usual suspects Audiophile
tracks, as well as some rough and ready commercial stuff.

Yup, have to agree that I prefer Roon’s on the fly conversion too.
Good to know, especially having heard it for myself in my own system, though not so good that I’m going back to my original ISO’s and reconverting them again! :slight_smile:

I can understand. My DSD files were purchased not ripped, so I just canned my conversion and kept the native files I purchased. I do have a couple of SACDs that i was thinking of ripping at some point.

When Roon does the conversion from DSF, does it keep it 24 bit, or does it go down to 16 bit?

The output of the conversion is 24bit.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just about to take the Roon plunge. Wednesday to be exact (when my mac mini arrives). I own a TP and was hoping to stream DSD. I take it that Roon will automatically convert the files to permit hi-rez playback? Just trying to understand. Thanks.

Roon should transcode the files to best conversion rate that the TP can run. Coming from DSD, that might be 88.2/24 instead of the usual 96/24

Great, thanks.