DSD hissing sound

i’m getting a strange issue with DSD playback that I never used to have in the exact same set up
So with my Brooklyn DAC connected to the OpticalRendu, With Sonicorbiter DACSettings on “native DSD” I can play a DSD track no problem when selecting it via Roon.

However if a DSD track is in a playlist with other file formats, there is just a loud hissing sound when the playlist progresses from another file format to the DSD track. But if I select the DSD track it plays perfectly fine, just not when it progresses from a different format to a DSD track.

Anyone experience this?

Try DoP and see if it makes a difference.

Thanks Peter
Yeah I did that and it works fine on DoP, but it always used to work on native DSD also which is very strange.
Just hope it’s not a sign of further problems down the line.

If DoP works for you, I suggest you keep using DoP.

Also power cycle the DAC and the streamer.

However, if you want to investigate this further, the next step you need to do is to test the direct USB connection from the Roon Core computer to the DAC, bypassing the streamer you’re using. If the problem persists, then it may be related to the DAC. If the problem disappears, it may be related to the streamer.

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Hi Peter thanks for the reply,
Yeah I’ve tried rebooting everything, changing USB cables…
I haven’t tried the DAC plugged straight into the streamer yet because I have a high level disability and require Assistance to move it. I used to be able to do this kind of thing with a friend, but this pandemic has reduced my visitors a lot, and there is only so much cable changing I can get my lovely carer/PA to do :joy:
Yeah I will leave it on DoP for now, I only have a few DSD albums anyway. Personally I think they sound a little better natively, but DoP is almost as good anyway. just hoping it’s not a sign of my DAC starting to decline.
I will muse on this while enjoying the music.
Anyway, thanks for your help Peter, you’re a great guy,

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