DSD playback through chord mojo

@support Please help, Im trying to playback some dsd files through my chord mojo connected via usb to my core and IM NOT GETTIN ANY SOUND

turning audio leveling on, lets the dsd playback the music, but with a downsample. If the volume level is turned off there is no sound output, but the music still playing and the audio path shows dsd256 playback. Any ideas what might be causing this problem? The chord Mojo is DSD native capable up to dsd256. Also, with the volume level on… I can playback tidal or other mp3 files that are on my hard drive. Can someone share some ideas on what might begoing wrong?

I’m not sure Roon can do DSD256, I think 128 is currently the max.
Also, it would need to be set to DSD(DoP).

[scrap the max dsd, i see it can https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_Does_Roon_support_DSD%3F]

hhhhhmmm… are you sure? :expressionless:

from Mojo’s User Manual:

DSD decoding:
DSD playback is supported using the DoP Standard 1.0 with 0xFA / 0x05 markers. Please see the play- back software manual for more details on configuring DSD support.

Thank you guys…I know it´s kind of an old topic, but wanted to ask about dsd playback through roon, If I´m playing some DSD256 files through roon, and through the chord mojo, via DoP, then Mojo is downsampling DSD256 to DSD128 since this is the highest res the mojo can handle? Im I understanding this right? On the other hand Mojo can´t handle MQA either right? anyone knows? tidal plays MQA in a 24 bit format from what I can tell from signal path on roon, what´s the take here?

  1. Mojo plays up to DSD 256 (http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/product/mojo/)

  2. As “the MQA guys” want to know and take control of what happens inside the DAC… I strongly doubt Robert Watts will ever unveil to anyone his secret recipe :wink:
    (and I bet this will also be the case with every DAC that doesn’t use an off the shelf chip)