DSD support for SMSL SU-8 DAC?

I am having mixed results with my SMSL SU-8 DAC. PCM seems to work fine. However, DSD works only with fixed volume or DSP volume. Selecting Device Volume generates just white noise.

DoP with Device Volume works only with the Volume set to 100. Reducing the volume results in silence.

I have created RoPieee logs with unique identifier 91a7cc3fb22c1054

Let me know if I can do any other experiments.


That’s pretty normal for DSD from my experience when I had my Arcam irDac ii.

So does the SU-8 native DSD512 via Ropieee (with fixed volume)?

I am interested in buying a new DAC for my headphone amp. The SU-8 is one of the DACs on my list.