Would there be a SQ difference between a dsf file and a flac file converted from the same source? So ISO to dsf to flac.

I am asking because the signalchain in case of dsf is not bitperfect due to the PCM conversion, but when I convert the same dsf file to flac it will be shown playing bitperfect. I understand it has to do with the conversion step in roon, but why would there be a difference? Is there even a difference?

Since I have no DSD capable Dac I cannot compare myself, but would it be worth it to invest in a DSD capable Dac?

Other option HQPlayer? Let it out put to 192khz (max rate my current Dac accepts). Will there be a benefit?

Or just stop looking and leave it all to roon. Happy SQ wise, it only keeps bugging me that my signal chain in some cases is not bitperfect.

I leave my DSF to FLAC to Roon. Purely because if I do it myself then a better algorithm implemented by Roon may supersede my original efforts.

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True and a good point to consider as well.

Basically what I searched on the net is along the lines of algorithms , filters, implementation, etc…which will cause a difference in SQ. Mostly the explanations are so technical that I am lost.

I am not looking to convert dsf to flac, just don’t see the point. Still not lost the nagging feeling that a DSD capable dac will sound better with a dsf file then the same file converted to flac.

So the only possible SQ difference will be because of the different algorithms implemented by roon or used conversion software.

Am I correct to state that a converted flac file from a dsf file (dsf 64 file to 24/176 flac) is also not bitperfect, although roon states it is in this case.

Obviously roon has no way of knowing this is a converted file, so roon is showing the correct indicator.

So converting dsf to flac will cheat you into believing that the file is bitperfect!?

It’s worth bearing in mind that the two file types have significant differences due to the original recording process and digitisation methods. The implications being that whilst you can happily convert say PCM to FLAC and back again with no data loss, it’s simply not possible to convert either from DSD to FLAC, without a level of “approximation” creeping in. Logically, it’s probably worth thinking of a DSD to FLAC being similar to an analogue to PCM process.

As for whether there’s audio benefits to using pure DSD, well clearly a number of people believe that there is a benefit. For all that, Esoteric DELIBERATELY went with DSD to FLAC conversion in some of their SACD players a few years ago as they thought it sounded better. Personally I’ve never completed a comparison. So can’t comment from experience, but I’d suggest you go with your view based upon a demo, not just on 3rd hand comments.

A final point to bear in mind is that DSD prevents the use of digital room correction within the audio chain. If that’s important to you (it is to me), then you’d still have to convert to PCM at some point prior to it being turned into analogue.

Yes definitely, by playing back on a DSD capable DAC, it bypass the over-sampling and digital filters; and it is only format that is designed to playback at its native sampling frequency without doing an over-sampling. You can check out the review on the merit of DSD playback:

The forthcoming Roon 1.3 allows converting PCM to DSD on the fly using the in built DSP, most users report 44.1k CD quality converted to DSD sounds smoother and more ‘listenable’.

Hey, thanks. I did buy the iFi Micro iDSD just to experience what native DSD will sound like. First impression for the DSD are positive. I did write a little bit in the “What DAC do you use thread”.