DSD to PCM conversion TDA1541 DAC

This question has been raised a lot, but I prefer to raise it specifically related to my setup hence starting a new thread. My digital library has a lot of high quality DSD material. A few months ago i bought the MHDT Orchid DAC which is a TDA1541 mulitbit and can only support input of up to 192/24 PCM. I still listen to my DSDs converted to Roon, but I have the Impression I am losing quality and on top of that the volume is consistently much lower then a PCM equivalent (that I typically stream from Qobuz). Is there a way to change things, or I should either stop listening to DSD or change my DAC (both not very desired solutions…)

Roon doing pretty good job on-the-fly DSD to PCM conversion, try both 88.2 and 176.4k rate see which one working best for you.

Thanks will do!


Have a read of this esp. the section gain adjustment.

Hi Carl, thanks for this. The settings the guide is talking about are located today in the DSP section. In order to enable them do I need to enable DSP (it is disabled currently).