DSD128 and 384kHz on Lumin D2

(Peter Lie) #21

No, the external Lumin LPS cannot be modified to change the voltage. If necessary, you may purchase another power supply from us.

The internal power supply in D2 and U1 MINI is 100–240V AC auto-ranging.

(Peter Lie) #22

We recommend MinimServer for non-Roon users. The fact that we are discussing this in Roon forum should make this irrelevant though. If necessary, USB storage may be also be used if MinimServer or another UPnP server is not available.


Ok, thanks. As for this being a Roon forum, it’s always handy to have an easy fallback…one of the attractions of Bluesound for me was that you still end up with a usable system with existing kit, even if Roon had problems for whatever reason. That said, I haven’t needed to use BlueOS in the past year.

(Bruce Shelton) #24

“We recommend MinimServer for non-Roon users.” I always have assumed that MinimServer was needed to setup Lumin players, and once set, Roon (server & control point) can be used for music playback. Is my understanding correct? Are there other ways to setup a Lumin Player without MinimServer or the Lumin L1 server? (MinimServer setup is so intimidating and the L1 duplicates my SonicTransport I5 server with Roon Core.)


No need for MinimServer - the players are complete Roon Ready endpoints - connect them with a network cable and they appear in Roon.

(Peter Lie) #26

No, neither the MinimServer nor L1 is necessary to setup a Lumin player. The only thing you need is the free Lumin app, preferably on an iOS device, for firmware upgrade and setting changes.

(Bruce Shelton) #27

Great news! Thank you Dhusky and Peter. I can see a D2 or U1 mini in my system sometime soon!


Excellent, have fun shopping :grinning: I’ve been very pleased with my D2 so far.

(Peter Lie) #29

If you have not changed your DAC since your post in June, I’d recommend getting the D2 instead of U1 MINI. If you’re planning to replace the amp as well, please get one with balanced input.