DSD128 playback not working [Solved]

Hi I recently got into DSD. Roon plays DSD64 fine but I can’t get DSD128 to play. I tested the same music in JRiver and it plays fine, so my assumption is therefore that this must be related to a setting in Roon. Can anyone offer some advice? Below are the contextual details:

Source is Roon into a Matrix X-SPDIF2 into an Airist R2R DAC (official specs are up to DSD128) into a Massdrop THX 789 amp.

Device setup:


Signal path:

You are sending it to the x-spdif before the DAC so it looks like roon isn’t seeing the spdif capabilities. Perhaps set the “workaround devices that misreport capabilities” to on?

Thanks ged. I tried this but still no sound with DSD128. The XSPDIF is in the right place in the chain; it cleans the signal path into the DAC. DSD64 plays fine.

Have you tried taking it out of the chain, if you can, and see what happens?

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Thanks ged. I tried this now. DSD128 plays back without the XSPDIF2 in the chain. Your suggestion convinced me to check the XSPDIF2 specs. It can play DSD128 over IIS. I’m running optical, which explains my issue as the XSPDIF2 outputs max DSD64 over optical. Edit: The XSPDIF2 is too good in the chain, no way am I removing it. DSD64 it will be for now… until I upgrade to a DAC that has IIS.



Topping D70.

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Waiting for the D90 MQA.

Will MQA work via that input?

The D90 has a reclocker so I won’t need the X-SPDIF2.

I would have been happier with an Ethernet input rather than doing things with USB but right now they are probably better served going the USB route. That said, the key to the Matrix device is as much if not more about power isolation as it is about galvanic isolation and re-clocking. So don’t be surprised if at the end the Matrix still provides the best sound.
For clarity, I have the D70 and the Airist DAC! Both great at what they do!

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