DSD128 playback with some 'clicks' sound not DSD64 [Solved]

It happened only when playing back DSD128 DSF files. There’s some clicking sound heard. DSD64 playback flawlessly. I’m using ASIO driver from Marantz and set to ‘Native’ max output set to DSD128. Do I miss something else?

Hi Guy,

Clicks can sometimes be written into DSF files during conversion:

When you refer to DSD 64 being OK, is that with the same DSD 128 file down sampled to 64 or a different file ? If a different file, do you still hear clicks when down sampling the same file ?


Hi Andybob,

I purchased the same album from NativeDSD, both in DSD64 and DSD128 formats subsequently. DSD64 playback flawlessly while DSD128 have some ‘clicks’ sound when listening to headphones :headphones:. Before using Roon, I’m using JRiver to playback without problem. I also playback through Astell & Kern AK240 digital audio player which playback DSD natively again I can’t hear any click sound. These clicks occurred when playing back the track not at the end of track to the next one.

Thanks Guy,
We’ll ask @kevin or @vova to look in and see what they can do to fix this for you.

Hello @MusicEar, thank you for the report and sorry for inconveniences. To troubleshoot the issue I need to gather more info from you.

  1. Can you describe your setup in details ? (what DAC do you use, how it is connected to your Roon Server machine; Specs of your Rroon server machine etc. )
  2. What Marantz driver ver. do you use?
  3. Does the issue happen to other DSD128 albums?
  4. What operating system you are running ( Windows 7; OSX 10.9; etc )

Hello Vova,
My setup as followed:
Music Server: Zotac CI320 nano upgraded to Windows 10 URL: http://webuat.zotac.com/product/mini_pcs/ci320-nano-plus
USB Connection: The Chord URL: http://www.chord.co.uk/product/chord-usb-silverplus-digital-interconnect-type-a-to-type-b/
CD/SACD/USB player: Marantz SA-14 URL: http://marantz.co.uk/uk/products/pages/productdetails.aspx?catid=hifi&subcatid=sacdcdplayer&productid=sa14s1
NAS: Synology DS214SE connected to gigabyte router. Gigabyte LAN is connected to Music server. NO wireless is used

The driver is from Marantz: URL: http://marantz.co.uk/uk/products/pages/productdetails.aspx?catid=hifi&subcatid=sacdcdplayer&productid=sa14s1

So far I’ve purchase from NativeDSD album DSD128. The DSD64 playback flawlessly but DSD128 got some ‘clicks’ in the music. In JRiver, there’s a provision to set the buffer to 500ms for playing back DSD128 to avoid the clicks. Also there’s an access to Marantz driver apps to set the sampling; The default is 2048. Thank you.

Hello @MusicEar thank you for provided info, can you also please answer @brian questions from this thread

I think only these two questions are unanswered:

  1. Are you using ASIO or WASAPI?
  2. How your DAC is configured? Often, a screenshot of the output settings screen is the most concise way to communicate this information.

Thank you in advance

Hi Vova,
I’m using ASIO driver from Marantz. Below is the DAC configuration:

Thanks @MusicEar, we are going to release a new build today. It will contain a number of fixes (including DSD playback fixes). Please, test your case with it, your feedback( in this thread) will be appreciated.


Hi Vova,

I’ve update to build 65 I still encounter clicks when playing DSD128 tracks.

Hi Guy,
There may have been a delay in updating the website links:

Are you showing Build 65 in Settings/About ?

Hello AndyBob,

Yes, under ‘Settings’ and ‘About’ 'Roon Version 1.1(build 65) stable

You have the latest version installed’

The installation is done when I clicked ‘relaunch’ icon in the settings.


Thanks for the feedback @MusicEar, I’ll follow up with you over PM and provide you with further steps.

Yes, I do experienced the loud pop sound at the end of the DSD album or when it switches to playing PCM WAV files right away. I also observed if I skip from a DSD track to PCM WAV there’s no popping sound it only happens if you let Roon plays by it own and stop or play the next track. The popping sound is quite nasty and can potentially damage the speakers, especially the tweeters if the Volume is set high. This is especially true that DSD recording is 6dB lower gain than PCM; so one will naturally yank up the Volume in level with the PCM. In JRiver, I don’t have such problem. I hope Roon can fix this soon as it is potentionally damaging to speakers or amplifiers. At the moment I don’t playback DSD until this is resolved. Guy

@MusicEar, can you provide more details about your configuration? Specifically:

  1. Are you on Mac or Windows?
  2. If windows, are you using ASIO or WASAPI?
  3. What is the model of your DAC?
  4. How do you have it configured? Often, a screenshot of the output settings screen is the most concise way to communicate this information.

I want to make sure that if your issue is distinct from @Priaptor’s, that we investigate it independently.

Hi Brian,

I’m using Windows 10 with the supplied ASIO driver from Marantz. The DAC I’m using is Marantz SA-14 SACD/CD/USB player. The DAC configuration:

Thanks, @MusicEar.

Hi Brian,

Is there a possible fix for the loud pop sound on the end of DSD album? As I play most DSD tracks in my collection can’t risk damage to my system. As my trial period is coming to an end was hesitating to subscribe. I may re-visit once this resolve.

I really love Roon, the great UI and Tidal integration is perfect for me. Great works Guys!

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Also getting loud pops at the end of DSD64 tracks.