DSD128 resampled to PCM 174kHz instead of DSD64 on DSD64 capable DAC

@vova Is it a current build limitation that Roon can only can resample DSD to PCM but not DSD to DSD? If yes, can you add native DSD to DSD downsampling in future build?

The Fostex HP-A8 WASAPI set at exclusive mode, DoP enable and Max DSD up to DSD64, PCM max 192kHz.

Thank You

Hi @Cheung_Hon_Wah ,

Roon does not currently downsample DSD128 to DSD64. Signalyst’s HQPlayer does and there are plans for HQPlayer to be integrated within Roon in future (users will probably have to acquire a separate HQPlayer licence)

I do not know if the planned integration will extend to downsampling DSD. It may be that @danny can say something about it.

I’ll shift this thread into Software for more general discussion.