DSD256 on Mac laptop

I’m using a Mac OS Mojave as the Core.

Is Roon downsampling my DSD256 files? I have an EMM Labs Dac2 which is fully capable of playing the 256k DSD, but it doesn’t have a readout so, I’m not sure what is going on.

If it is downsampling, how can I remedy the situation?


MacOS does DSD via DOP, DSD over PCM.

To do DSD256 DOP on MacOS you need a DAC capable of doing PCM 768. If your DAC isn’t capable of doing PCM 768 you will only be able to achieve DSD256 direct via Windows and the vendor supplied drivers.

Thanks…I don’t see where it is capable of PCM 768, so perhaps I will need to set up a Windows PC to make this work

The other way to do this is to stream to a network device running Linux or similar (like microRendu) which does not need to use DoP - I stream from Roon (running on a Mac Mini) to microRendu (via WiFi, then Ethernet) to iFi xDSD at DSD512.

More than one way to skin this cat :wink:

That’s not a guarantee, it really depends on the DAC USB chipset when it comes to linux based streamers.

True - support for the chipset must be in the kernel. Caveat emptor.

Can that fo dsd256.

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