DSD256 on Mac Roon core and Lumin T2

I have a Roon core on a 2017 MacBook Pro, music on a NAS, and Lumin T2 as the streamer. The Lumin is connected via Ethernet to the network on which are the Mac and NAS.

My question: the Lumin can handle up to DSD512 natively. So if I’m playing a DSD256 file is the entire signal chain being handled natively in DSD256? I mean is there any step where it’s packaged into DoP and then unpacked, or if the Roon on the Mac is converting it to something else etc.

Thank you. Please, I don’t care about the benefits or disadvantages. I’m just curious whether there’s any extra processing going on.

It’s native without conversion to anything else, unless you’re doing something with DSP processing or volume leveling.

Just play it and tap on the signal path indicator, and you’ll see the answer illustrated.

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There are a few question marks in your theory, but the easiest way is to have a look at the Signal path. It will tell you what is happening along the audio files.