Dsd256 with Bryston BDP-3 / BDA-3

Before passing to support I’m guessing the sharp people in the general community will be able to help.

Roon core on capable Linux workstation. Fully wired network including Bryston BDP-3 connected via USB to Bryston BDA-3. Windows 10 laptop is the control point.

All media file formats including DSD seem to work well and light up the appropriate lights on the DAC with the only exception being DSD 4X (DSD256). Looking at the signal path shown for playing tracks in Roon shows no conversion for other files but with DSD256 I see it knocking down to DSD128 before passing it to the BDP-3.

Is this a Roon thing to pursue or a Bryston thing? I believe the Bryston gear is set up properly, but it’s possible I got something wrong - it’s not exactly, ahem, intuitive…


Hi Robert,

It looks like that, although the BDA-3 supports DSD-512, the BDP-3 only outputs DSD-128.


Cheers, Greg

Well that’s embarrassing… RTFM, Robert…

I assumed since it was just passing through it would pass anything. Must be the version of Linux on the BDP-3 that can’t handle DSD256.

Thanks and Cheers Greg!

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