DSD512 from microRendu to Amenero USB

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I’m currently building a new audio server which will upsample Roon/Tidal material to DSD 512 to go to a Holo Audio Spring DAC. [/quote]

What USB input board does your DAC use?
In case of my Lampi DAC it’s an Anamero USB input board and it is still not possible to send DSD512 from the MR to my DAC :rage:

Yeah, I can’t tell from this thread whether the latest firmware on the Amenero supports DSD512 from ALSA or not, @Jesus_Rodriguez might be able to clarify what the position is with the mR and Amanero.

Just in case you don’t have it this page has the instructions for flashing firmware on the Amenero.

Here’s a pic from Guy’s review of the USB input board on the Holo Audio Spring; it’s got the Holo Audio logo on it so my guess is its a custom built XMOS job.

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