DSD512 Upsampling - Building a fanless NUC, what works?

I’d like to build a dedicated fanless NUC running ROCK than can upsample to DSD512 to one endpoint only.

Can anyone share with me their success in what works, parts etc? Other than SGC turnkey products, (I currently have their I5) I’d like to see what’s out there.

I’m not interested in HQ player, filters etc. Just looking for Roon to do the upsampling

What is the source being upsampled, 44.1 PCM or dsd64.

I’d be upsampling 44.1 PCM to 512DSD

I cannot guarantee success but your best bet is NUC8i7BEH, and enable Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator. You need the highest single thread performance rating from the CPU.

It’s no problem for me to up sampling 44.1 PCM to 512DSD with NUC 7i7BNH, but you need to make sure your DAC or USB interface is able to answer native DSD512, as my Amanero USB interface just supporting DSD128/dop with default factory firmware, after refresh firmware to version firmware_2006be11, it works for DSD512 native.

Yep, some DACs require drivers. Or, only do DoP with Linux, and DSD512 needs native playback unless you have a DAC which does DSD1024

How’s you I7 handling upsampling to 512 with anything better than 44.1? My LKS MH-DA004 is able to handle it, same Amanero USB/firmware as you mentioned

feel very different like a music shaping :smiley: