DSD512 upsampling with M1 MacMini

I have the following system running: MacMini M1, 8 GB RAM, ROON + HQ-Player, Intel Celeron N4020 Windows Bridge (NAA-software and T+A firmware USB-driver installed), T+A MP3100 HV (3 stage True One Bit converter DSD, Amanero USB board) via USB.

My HQP-setting is the following:
Output device
Backend: NAA
Device: Desktop-Celeron: T+A USB ASIO 1.03
Channels: 2
Ch. Offset: 0
SDM Pack: none
Buffer time: 100 ms
DAC bits: 32
48k DSD: checked
Default output mode: SDM (DSD)
SDM Defaults:
Poly-sinc-Gauss-long (1x oversampling)
Poly-sinc-Gauss-hires-lp (Nx oversampling)
Modulator: ASDM7ECv2
Bit rate: 44.1k x 256
Multicore DSP: grey
Adaptive output rate: grey

Upsampling to DSD 44.1k x 256 runs stable (with rare artefacts depending on the background activity of the Mac) with amazing SQ. Nevertheless I would like to try 44.1k x 512 (my DAC supports this). Unfortunately in the same HQP setting as depicted above this leads to serious distortions and dropouts (I suppose because of the limited performance of the MacMini?). What do you recommend to change in the HQP setting to get a stable 44.1k x 512 upsampling without loosing too much quality within the signal path? Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Greetings Oliver

No 512 on M1

Hi erekoly,
via the windows bridge I can upsample to DSD512 - this is not the problem. I think that I have to downgrade the HQP setting to get a stable signal. My question is therefore to what extent downgrade the HQP setting.

Yes, I know but you need much more powerful cpu.

o.k - so, no compensation of limited cpu capacity by downgrading HQP-settings (e.g. modulator)?

You could try ASDM7EC 512+fs. It has reduced CPU load.

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Would HQP run DSD 44.1/512 on an audio only, dedicated, M2???

I think no, but @jussi_laako knows.

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At least on my MacBook Pro with M1Max DSD512 works only with non-EC modulators.