Dsp causing garbled noise when new song starts ifi neo stream

I use DSP in Roon to listen to music, mainly the parabolic equalizer, I add headroom, also sample rate conversion… I’ve noticed that using the iFi neo stream after about 10 to 15 minutes of listening to music frequently when the next song starts it’s all garbled and staticky and I have to stop and restart the song in order for it to play normally…when I turn off my DSP settings everything works correctly! Anybody have a workaround for this? it’s very frustrating to have to constantly stop and start your songs at a certain point… Many thanks for all you guys do in this community!

Have narrowed it down to the headroom setting…when I turn the headroom setting off seems to work properly but for some reason the headroom which I have set
to minus three causes the garbling it looks like?