DSP Core Utilisation - Request

I have just signed up for Roon lifetime membership, after subscribing for a year.

I would like to request the processing speed indication be changed to a “CPU or DSP Core utilisation %”. IMO, the processing ‘x’ is counterintuitive.

For example: DSP Core utilisation X%


But it’s not just for CPU usage. Networking, storage also play there part in the processing speed.

Pay attention to CPU Usage

Some of the features in the DSP Engine can consume a lot of CPU resources. Nothing beats a nice beefy Core i7 if you want to turn everything up to 11. If you’re running on a weaker system, particularly one that is shy of our recommendations, modulate your expectations accordingly.

Use the processing speed indicator to get a sense of how “close to the line” you are. Numbers below 1.0 mean that the CPU on your Roon core is not powerful enough to execute the configuration you’ve requested. This is about as close to peril as you want to be:

Note that Roon currently runs the DSP engine on one CPU core per zone–so this reflects the load relative to consuming a full core. “2.0x” means you’re using 50% of one CPU core to play music in this zone.

The article from Roon makes no mention of networking etc playing a part in this speed.

Well it does as Danny has said it all plays its part. Mine drops to wireless endpoints compared to wired with same music and settings.

Ok, well my view is the figure needs to be more meaningful.
I.e. Show load, either CPU,or Network whatever.
Processing speed requires calculation to be meaningful.

100/processing speed = CPU load is not really intuitive.

It’s how fast the audio is actually being processed vs. real-time playback speed. Frankly, it’s the only number that really matters.


Ok that makes sense.