DSP Engine indicator?

I run Roon with HQP and upsample everything to DSD (wkst to mU) etc… Was messing around with Roon’s PEQ the other day just for fun and totally forgot that I left it on.

I discovered this eve it was on as something didn’t sound right (no fault of Roon). Is there an “indicator” that shows the state of any of the DSP options? If not that would be kinda handy, sort of a master light indicating any of the DSP states are enabled.

Similar to the signal path light. Just a thought :slight_smile:

Yes, the signal path already lists the active DSP processes.


I think the OPs suggestion might be to have an indicator light for ‘dsp enabled’ so it’s obvious without opening up the signal path?

If you are just using Roon, then the Signal Path will be purple if playback is bit-perfect (no DSP) or the white star if Roon is doing DSP. Since HQP also results in a white star you have to check the Signal Path pop up when using HQP.

After I typed I was just thinking ‘hang on Roon already does this’ but I don’t use HQP so wasn’t sure how it worked. I guess the HQP star could change to a ‘warning’ colour if upstream dsp is enabled?

Yes @hifi_swlon, that was my initial thought, a separate dsp light so as not to have to open up the signal path. I don’t typically look at the signal path in depth too often, since my library is all native DSD and or lossless AIFF.

I certainly monitor the signal path light often/every album that starts and is a great feature, but in my case there is no way to tell dsp is enabled, at least I don’t think there is.

It isn’t a huge deal, and is very difficult programmatically/DEV point of view to consider everyone’s workflow. Again, it was just a thought that maybe makes sense to implement maybe not and considering HQP is prob more of a niche from the standard workflow.

@andybob Thank you. I will verify in my setup, but I don’t think it indicated I had PEQ enabled (dsp)