DSP Engine PEQ no SLOPE setting

With slope setting(12db/oct, 24db/oct, 72db/oct etc), eq adjust will be more flexible, hope roon’s DSP add this spec.

Why would you want that? There is a Q value that determines how narrow or wide an adjustment is. More flexible than a octave setting. Or do you mean something else?

Thanks. I know Q value, but it can only determine narrow or wide, and will affect the freq nearby(decided by SLOPE). High Q must be narrow and high oct, low Q must be wide and low oct, but sometimes I need a combination of HIGH Q(high oct) and WIDE. Slope can do this, as it can control cut shape(eg. cut the frequency curve like a trapezoid even a square ) and make adjustment very accurate that will not affect(or slightly) any freq nearby (WIDE at the same time). This is the FLEXLIBLE what I mean.

Lost me I’m afraid. Can you draw a pic of the curve you would like to make ?

My target curve, it will be difficult without SLOPE.

Any suggestion?

Might as well just ask for AU/VST plugin support ;p

I must admit, there are times when I would mind being able to stick pro-Q2 and pro-L2 and pro-MB in the chain give some of the awful mastering jobs some people do on their released material :slight_smile:

Aha, I see what you mean. No suggestion, only a comment. An equaliser like that will require quite some design time. Roon may do it or they may not… usually Roon does not commit to any features before it’s almost ‘there’, so we won’t know.

An odd curve.
What is the purpose?

I’d suggest a combination of high pass and high shelf filters for the low frequencies, and then a combination of peak/dip and band stop for the mids.

Edit: If your target curve is the brown line, rather than the background curve, then a band stop filter with a broad Q.

Yeah, that’s exactly I want.

Thanks guy, that’s cool, I will try band stop filter.

It’s sad that a band stop filter cannot set attenuation, I don’t want to cut the band to nothing, but only -10db