DSP for dummies question

(Richard Guth) #1

Sorry to ask this question, I have searched several places and don’t get it. I have a luxman DAC that supports DSP, and a Bluesound node 2i. All my music are MP4s. Do I need to convert my MP4s to DSP files? If so how? Or do I just do asetting so my MP4’s play as DSP?

Feel free to send me links that answer the question. I just don’t get it.

(Mr Fix It ) #2

Do you mean DSP or DSD?

DSP is a means to change your musics output sound via filters, EQ, upsampling etc

DSD is a format…that can be converted to using a DSP function, if your music is not in DSD format

(Mark Hyland) #3

I’m assuming he means DSD as most of Luxman’s recent output supports DSD.


First -
DSP is a bunch of filters to change output.
DSD is a file format that some DACs can play.
MP4 is a video format. I don’t believe one can upsample to or play an MP4 file from a DAC.

You would use Roon’s DSP to upsample your MP3s to DSD.

(Richard Guth) #5

Well, that certainly explains why my search results where not making sense for me, I meant to be searching for DSD, but was searching on DSP. And M4A is what my music files are not MP4. Duh.

So I have engaged a DSD filter on the Luxman, and will start playing around with the DSP settings in Roon. Thanks so, so much for your help. I get it now!

Thanks @wizardofoz @Mark_Hyland and @Slim_Fishguttz for your answers and patience with my ignorance. I greatly appreciate your help.

(Richard Guth) #6

Yes, Mark, I did mean DSD. Color me embarrassed.


Going back to your original question…the Node will not play* or pass through DSD to your DAC afaik (many other endpoints do support DSD though). Roon will send the audio as PCM.

However, the files should play fine regardless (and if the Luxman supports converting to DSD then you could set it up to do so).

*Unless directly connected to a Windows computer, using the BlueOS app, and using no further DAC after it.