DSP Functions in Roon Software

Will the Roon software include any DSP functions such as a 10 or 31 band graphic equalizer, volume leveling, etc as those included in the JR Media Center software.



Not at release, but soon after. We are working with a well known name in HiFi audio to release something really nice here. Nothing announced yet, but soon!


Interesting, curious to see what Roon will team up with.

In the interim, you could route Roon through Jriver. Jriver puts in an audio ‘card’ (since one of the recent versions). You just have Roon use this (assuming that Roon lets you select output, but would expect that as a basic feature).
You can then use JRiver to do our adjustments. Simply with the basic equalizer, or, much nicer, with Convolution.
By the way, JRIver runs bitperfect (apart for the tinkering you do of course).

You need to create the filters for convolution, for which you have a few options:

  • REW which is a measuring tool, also allowing you to create the FIR files, but, although free, it requires a little work to create all the files needed.
  • An alternative is Juice Hifi’s Audiolense, which makes it easier to create the files.
  • Or you can use Acourate, which makes it a little easier I guess. It also allows you to use it without jriver, as it comes with its own audio driver.

Other alternatives include i.e. Dirac Live, which in a similar way gets into the audio path. It is much easier to setup and comes with a microphone, however I found the quality of it lacking (especially compared to the cost). The lite version gives very limited control, and, although the full version gives more, I had a hard time making it sound right. I’ve found I beat it with all the above alternatives.

After trying all the above, I ended up using convolver with REW as a setup for my stereo set which works great.

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