DSP Indicator Audeze Headphones

Like a lot of other headphone nuts I have a few. One of them being the Audeze LCD4.
So when using that I turn on the preset for it.
But the indicator on the playing screen is always the same and always showing. There is no indication whether it is on or off and of course I forget to turn it off sometimes and next time I use another headphone, well you get the idea.
On the same note, when I click the signal path button there is a giant Audeze logo on the bottom of the popup again making me think “oh geez did I forget to turn off the preset”.
This is shown when the preset is off or on.

Mind you I just realized this is only happening on my desktop at home where I use the preset. I just noticed on my work laptop at work right now, listening to Roon where I’ve never turned on the Audeze preset, there is no indicator on the playing now screen or the signal path.

So I don’t know why on the desktop at home the Audeze indicators are always showing even when I have the preset turned off. Which is a real source of confusion.

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