DSP Preset Shortcuts, or Active Preset Display would be great

Hi everyone - new Roon subscriber here. I’ve been getting settled in for the past two weeks and went paid today!

I’ve set up Roon for my whole house - all Sonos endpoints except my office. My office is where I do my critical listening on headphones, but I also have a set of speakers that I use for casual listening while I work. This room is where I need some help.

My office endpoint is an RPi4B with Ropieee which feeds my DAC, which in turn feeds separate headphone and speaker amps. When using my headphone amp, all I need in Roon is max volume, no DSP. When using my speaker amp though, Roon’s DSP allows me to correct for the terrible speaker positioning in the room to great effect. This means I have both channel delay and decibel offsets configured.

Problem is, when I switch back and forth I often forget to switch DSP presets (the Headhpone one is just full bypass) until I’m a few songs in and start to notice that things don’t sound as they should because the wrong DSP corrections are still in place.

So my thought is that it would be really nice to have the option to display the active DSP preset name (if any) below or to the left of the endpoint/volume icons in the lower right. As it is, I have to realize something seems off, click volume, click DSP, and then see what preset is active and switch it if need be. Am I missing this option somewhere in the settings, or is there another way to check DSP settings “at a glance”?