DSP to adjust for hearing loss

Unfortunately I have hat to bite the bullet, get my hearing checked and now have to wear hearing aids for a mild to modest high-frequency hearing loss. This manifests itself in me having increasing difficulty with female voices and in public.

Hi fi through hearing aid’s ain’t pretty so currently the option i use is just to remove them and increase the volume – just listening as I’ve always done in reality.

As I have HQ player which has a convolution engine I am wondering whether I can digitally adjust my output to counteract my hearing loss. Is there a program that I could use and input the data from my audiologist?

Any and all advice and information is much appreciated.


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I use Dirac to boost the higher frequencies, like you I have lost high end frequency hearing.

There are different ways to do this, @Dannythered is one way, but if you are not interested in Room Eq, Dirac may be an over kill.

  1. You can use Foobar and a EQ plugin (recommend Equilibrium by DMG for finer control or the default graphic equalizer that comes with Foobar or other such plugins ), play the music you like and adjust the EQ till you are happy.
  2. Download an impulse response file at the rate you are interested.
  3. Pull the file into Foobar’s play list, use right-click->convert option and add the EQ you just designed to the DSP chain under processing settings.
  4. You now have the filter files for HQP!

Hope this helps, feel free to PM me if you need help.

Surely if you’re unable to hear HF no amount of boosting is going to change that? If you run a frequency sweep, does increasing volume of HF make it any more audible?

I’ll never forget sitting in my listening room with my then 9y/o son and working through some frequency sweeps. I was starting and stopping playback via a tablet… There came a point where I could not hear anything at all yet he could tell me every time I stopped and started playback. Quite sobering.

Age related hearing loss tables based on ISO 7029 make for sobering reading by audiophiles.

Hope you can continue to enjoy the music SJB.

With Dirac and a calibrated microphone you can precisely identify frequencies that are artificially distorted by your environment, and reduces their energy, to reveal the music that would otherwise be hidden. Even with no lift on high frequencies they are better revealed. Great fan of Dirac. Yes if you can’t hear frequencies above a certain level then as Evand said there is no point boosting them. With female voices I find nodding and agreeing a lot really helps :slight_smile:

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My logic is -

with my hearing aid in I can hear frequencies that I “missed” but they sound like mp3s - so if I can get a DSP algorithm or whatever to do what the hearing aid does to these frequencies with my Hi-Fi then I have the best sound that my poor ears are able to hear!

Thanks @KMan and @Dannythered (there are a lot of Dannys here really - aren’t there?) for the suggested solutions, I’ll try the foobar one first if I can get my head around the various steps.

And @andybob thanks for the concern, I’ll do my damnest to continue to enjoy the music.