DSP Up-Sampling features in Roon 1.3

What am I missing guys? I have a Sotm sMS-200 with a Mytek Brooklyn. I’m not able to see DSD 256 only 64 and 128 in the drop down.

I had to change the setup in the sMS and now it works.

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Stupid question

Why does the volume reduce when upsampling to DSD?

When I playback with no DSP the volume is clearly higher than when swapping to DSD upsampling, it’s no issue as it still sounds fab! Was just curious…

Headroom management?

To avoid inter-sample clipping some headroom should be given.

In 1.2 there was a default volume reduction of 6 dB.
Removed n 1.3, but check in the DSD upsampling spec that it’s not still there.

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HA-1 huh? Want to hear a huge jump in SQ? Use a R2R DAC or MulitBit DAC and you won’t believe your ears! I use the HA-1’s Amp but not the Delta Sigma DAC installed there. The 9018 ESS Sabre DAC is harsh and strident… especially for HP listening…IMHO

I have an R2R DAC too, and the new OPPO sonica DAC with 9038pro plus a good number of others in my house. I like diversity :smiley:

The Vinshine R2R is DSD256 only while the Sonica is 512

The 6dB reduction is still present in 1,3 and I think the default setting is on…

Roon had some logic that if you had been using it with that reduction in 1.2, 1.3 keeps it in place,

Whatever. Just change it if you don’t like it.

Andy, is there any upgrade for 512 upsampling on 1.3 ver ? where do I get it ?

When I upsample to “Max PCM” on DSP engine, what is the PCM output value?

It depends on your endpoint/DAC and your settings, of course. You can see what it is by looking at your signal path.

Not home now to test it. My path is Roon --> microRendu (powered by LPS-1) --> Singxer SU-1 --> i2s --> Holo Spring L3 KTE --> Mjolnir 2 --> Focal Utopia

It appears that Singxer SU-1 does not support anything above 384 kHz.


Hi Pedro,

Build 223 is the most recent public release. DSD 512 capability was in Build 216. Just update your existing installations or fresh install from the Downloads page.

Finally going to get a chance to test the updated upsampling. I just have a question. When you upsample multiples of 48 to 256, does it upsample to 12.288Mhz only, or can you also set it to upsample to 11.289Mhz?

I think it only does final “44.1 x” dsd rates no matter the source pcm sample rate.

Okay sounds good thanks. Our DAC only has a 22.579Mhz clock, so that’s a good thing :slight_smile:

Dear Andy,

Thanks for info, do new builds exist for ex. in the Google Play Store for downlood from there or must be downloaded from Roon page and placed in a usb stick to update on tablet with it ?
thanks for support

The Android build in the Playstore and the iOS build on the AppStore are both up to date with Build 223.